Sea Hunt: Dock Fire

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Sea Hunt: Dock Fire was a second year show that was intense and dramatic for the entire half hour.  That’s because it had an immediate sense of danger within it, a dock fire that was spreading and which could cause explosions that could destroy the harbor and nearby areas.

Lloyd Bridges portrays deep sea diver Mike Nelson in this underwater adventure series.  In this episode, Nelson is called upon to undertake a potentially deadly task, entering a building from underwater in order to ensure that explosive chemicals inside the building don’t explode.

The visuals are striking.  We see the fire progressing, raging more any minute.  The one thing I kept thinking is how stunning the presentation would have been had the show been filmed in color.  The intensity level would have shot up big time.

I liked how the show followed the firemen who tried to extinguish the large fire.  They showed something called a Scanoscope that was used to monitor the situation.  I thought that was very intriguing.

Also, the bravery of the firemen is definitely part of the plot, and I applaud that.

I’m not sure how much of the scuba diving Bridges actually did, but in shows like this most of his performance is in the narration that he does.  He has to take us on this journey when we really can’t even see him.


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