Highway Patrol: Stolen Car Ring

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From its second season, Highway Patrol: Stolen Car Ring aired in December 1956.  It had some good and bad points in my opinion.

The basic premise of the story was that three people, a man and two women, have stolen a lot of cars recently.  They then forge registration cards to use in selling the vehicles, something they try to do quickly, even before the cars are listed as stolen.

This is one of the few times we actually see proper procedures for making a stop.  So often in these early shows, the police just stop, and we don’t see any contact made with the dispatcher.  This stop was pretty detailed, so I was impressed.

The series stars Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Mathews.  He’s such a fast talker sometimes.  He gives me a headache.  Actually, the whole first scene at the highway patrol gives me a headache because it is this constant back and forth with ringing phones and fast paced dialog.  It slowed down finally at the end, but by then I was already too dizzy to be able to enjoy it.

One of the guest stars is Mickey Finn.  He plays Joe Ramo, who was stopped in that first scene.  He really did a good job at looking guilty.

The other guest stars all did decent jobs.  This show doesn’t always go beyond average, but I really did think that these actors made the show more enjoyable.  They included Darlene Fields, Diana Darrin, and Charles Victor.


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