The Common Forms of Acne

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Acne is one of the most prevalent skin disorders in the world. It can ensure that a person suffers from not only pain but also embarrassment due to it. Many kinds of acne are prevalent around the world, which ensure that the sufferers develop different skin problems like papules, nodules and cysts.

Papules are like pustules but are red in color. Acne papules involve development of these papules. But, these papules don’t contain pus and are followed by pustules.

Acne nodules can also exist for many months. It can be formed as bumps under the surface of skin. If nodules are not treated, then they happen repeatedly.

On the other hand, cystic acne has cysts similar to nodules, but these cysts cause a lot of pain. Also, these cysts should not be felt by hand just like nodules. These cysts can also cause formation of blemishes on the skin just like nodules. In fact, infections also exist for a longer time in this kind of acne. It’s essential to go to a dermatologist to get cure for this kind of acne. Cysts can develop for an area of 5 millimeters. They contain pus and pressing them, means producing a lot of pain.

Do only teens have acne

Acne is not just a problem of young teenagers but few people who have passed their teen years still have the problem. However it is a verified study that mostly above 85% of teen has this problem. The acne is not a just a genetic disease but it is also cause by frustration over tension and anxiety. And teens usually are worried  for acne control .

The best way to tackle this problem is in early teen years when you are getting early signs of pimples breaking out then you should right away go to the doctor and get some advice about it. As if it becomes sever it takes few months to heal. However as it is a genetic disease so after even sometimes taking great care of your skin and washing your face eating good will not help. There is a specific time period of these changes within our body and it will automatically end at their right time. But it does not mean you avoid them and let your skin looks unhealthy and unattractive due to pimples.

The adults who are still having the problem should seek a dermatologist and get anti biotic treatment to get rid of acne.


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