How Mind Mapping Helped me

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I am really passionate about making plans. I love to think about my future businesses, go over every single detail there is. But some time ago, I realized that i wasn’t really tidy when doing this.

Usually,  i was using pen and paper, thinking it was easier for my brain, writing almost anythings was in my mind. But still, I wasn’t organized enough. I had to cut, re-write, stop and summarize and was I loosing lots of time and details.

Now, that was the time when i started using the computer. It was exciting, using power point, office or excel for my ideas. But i was still loosing the touch with what i wanted.

Some time ago, I started searching the internet for how to get organized, how to be efficient. Every time i looked i saw a similar thing – “mind-mapping”.

So what the heck, let’s check it out!

I searched online mind mapping and came up with Mindomo. It is a great tool, that made me comfortable by having the Office ribbon in the application.

Now they did 4 things for me:
1. Of course, helped me write my ideas better and
2. I realized that i didn’t know all the methods that exists so you can be more organized.
3. It has a clean design, let’s you embed youtube, pictures.
4. You can save your maps in PDF, TXT also as JPG, Document. Even exporting as a mind map format so you can open it later in time and continue editing.

Now, are you going to start getting better at planning?


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