The Greatest American Hero: The Lost Diablo

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I really enjoyed watching The Greatest American Hero: The Lost Diablo.  It might be because most of the episode was in the mountains, so that gave us some different scenery to look at.  Plus, we were taken to explore a different side of the characters at various points.

The basic plot was that Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) takes his friend Ralph Hinkley (William Katt), Ralph’s girlfriend Pam (Connie Sellecca), and several of the high school students from Ralph’s class on a camping trip, only it’s not just for the camping experience.  He’s out to find a mine with a map he’s been given by a dead partner.

This leads to dreams of what each of the group would do with the money, especially after they actually find a mine and work it successfully for a day.

I really love watching the kids kicking back and imagining a better life for themselves, and I especially like a conversation that a couple of them have later about friendship and what it means.  Michael Pare is part of that, and it shows some of his good acting chops.

The adventure in the show is good, and I actually felt refreshed watching all of the outdoor scenes.  The last scene was one that made me smile; I suppose it’s the goodness of it.  I won’t spoil it, though. This is definitely a good show to watch!


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