Electromagnetic Radiation Threat

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       Many people are deciding not to wait for the outcome of the debate on electric power lines. They are selling their property and moving out of houses situated anywhere near power lines. In many cases, local residents have succesfully pressed for the rerouting of power lines awy from residential districts. With more prominence being given to the issue in the mass media, huoses for sale in affected areas are now less likely to find buyers, as no one wnts to expose himself to potentially harmful waves.

        Radiation, that is the movement of waves through space, does not come only from high-voltage wires. Household appliances, TV sets, and visual display units, all create electromagnetic fields to which people are exposed 24 hours a day. Even an electric alarm clock on the bedside emits a small maount of non-ionizing radiation. Many scientists insist that electromagnetic waves can do not harm, and exposure to the radiant energy generated by the power lines is not unsafe. However, high frequency waves, like microwaves, and the radiation they generate, can allegedly have an adverse effect on human body, interfering withe the organism’s own delicate electrical pattern and exerting influence on biological processes.

        Scientific experiments carried out on mice and rats show thar extremely high frequency waves affect the chemical balance in the blood, the brain and the liver. These waves can also slow the heart beat and stunt growth. Experiments have shown that people exposed to erratic frequencies over a period of time undergo sensations of terror and disorientation. Disruption of sleeping patterns and changes in brain waves are also reported. The radiation may also be linked to a higher than normal incidence of cancer and brain disorders among those living or working in close proximity to power lines. Yet, a direct causal relantionship has not been definetely established.


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