The Greatest American Hero: Captain Bellybuster And The Speed Factory

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The Greatest American Hero: Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory is one of the episodes that has a touch of emotionalism to it, a poignancy really that touches the heart and makes you feel for another human being.

Chuck McCann guest starred as Mickey Michaelson who has worked for years at a major hamburger chain as their mascot, Captain Bellybuster.  However, he makes the discovery that the chain is a front for a drug operation.  Even though it will cost him his role, he reports the crimes.

McCann was the perfect casting for this role because he has that big guy vulnerable look.  It’s an air of sweetness that surrounds him, and when he has a moment of saying goodbye, it really reaches down deep within us.

His character has a great feeling of responsibility towards the kids who look up to him.  I really like the message that this sends to the kids who watch this episode.

Naturally, there is a lot of action in the episode.  The main drug front isn’t really a plot that thrills me, but the story of Mickey does.

The acting is good, as it usually is.  William Katt and Robert Culp do terrific jobs as crime fighters of a sort.  If they didn’t, this series wouldn’t be much more than a joke.


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