Why Doctor Who Series 6 Will Rock

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*Warning: If you are trying to avoid spoilers, don’t read on. I will be mentioning a few big spoilers.*

Mixing Up The Forumla
This time they’re doing it a little differently. Series 6 will begin with a two-part story which was filmed in America! Ever since the new Doctor Who began in 2005, two-part stories have never opened a season. This will hopefully be a way to open the series with something fresh and epic.
Judging by the trailer, it also seems like they’ve done some great landscape shoots while in America which should be great to see.

The Dreamlord and the Time Lords
My favourite episode on Series 5 was “Amy’s Choice”, in which we were introduced to a fascinating villain who called themselves the Dreamlord. We discovered that this was the dark side of the Doctor; his ‘evil subconscious’. Unless I’m greatly mistaken, I think that was the beginning of a big underlying plot which we will slowly uncover more information about during Series 6.
And along those same lines: in the trailer there is a TARDIS shown, which is not the Doctor’s. It looks similar to the one that we saw in the Series 5 episode “The Lodger”. In that episode the Doctor said that it was “someone’s attempt to build a TARDIS”. If that doesn’t make for an exciting Doctor Who plot I don’t know what does … and so it seems like we’ll get a follow up on that storyline during Series 6.

“Monsters are real.”
From the trailers and rumours about Series 6 it looks like there are going to be plenty of darker themes and scary episodes. There are rumours of The Weeping Angels, Area 51 and newly designed Cybermen making an appearance.

Personally I really like the sound of new Cybermen. They’re a monster that I loved in bits of the classic Doctor Who. They were really creepy looking. The new ones from Series 2 in 2006 are just too big, slow and solid for my liking.

River Song’s Background Revealed
It was back in 2008 that the character of River Song first appeared on Doctor Who (Series 4’s Silence in the Library) and it will be this year when we finally discover who they are. Steven Moffat (lead writer) confirmed on Doctor Who Confidential that River Song’s identity and background story will be revealed in Series 6.
All through Series 5 it was hinted that River Song isn’t just your average companion, so these reveals will be something to look forward to.

And that’s only touching the surface. There a rumours of a clone of the Doctor, Skaro being revisited and other rooms in the TARDIS being featured. Not to mention the usual swag like Matt Smith’s brilliant acting and a new soundtrack from Murray Gold. Exciting times!


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