The Greatest American Hero: Classical Gas

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The Greatest American Hero: Classical Gas is a fun show for the most part.  For one thing, we get to see a very jealous Ralph when Pam gets close to a promoter.  He actually spies on her a little, courtesy of his alien space suit.

Edward Winter was good casting as Pam’s business associate because he is really good at playing arrogant and cocky.  He treats Ralph like dirt, and he’s perfectly believable in doing so.

Michael Pare looks handsome; well, my first thought was gorgeous, in this show as he’s dressed up in a neat black and purple suit that just fits him perfectly.  For his fans, I’m sure this makes for a supreme girlie moment.

What didn’t work was that Faye Grant’s character was supposed to be the lead singer for their new group.  However, the first time we see her, it’s from the back and we never see her singing from the front.  This is repeated in the next scene which is actually on stage.  In fact, they actually cut this song very awkwardly.  It’s very poorly done, and it just makes it look even more ridiculous.

The reason it is so ridiculous is that it is Grant singing, so I just don’t understand the director’s reasoning in how he filmed these scenes or how they were edited together.


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