The Greatest American Hero: Hog Wild

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The Greatest American Hero: Hog Wild has an amusing theme running through it.  It’s all about communication, with positive and negative strokes.  Those were key buzz words back in the days of the early 80’s when this series aired.

It is really a hoot to watch Ralph (William Katt) and Bill (Robert Culp) battle this issue of communication.  It leads to both laughs and drama, even after Bill ends up with injured ribs, courtesy of some not so nice motorcycle riders.

The show has a couple of notable guest stars, primarily Gregory Sierra as a sheriff and Dennis Fimple as a deputy.  Hoke Howell, who appeared in one of my favorite series, Here Comes the Brides, has a small part as a doctor as well.

One of the funny bits is when some of the bikers try to use the super suit and end up falling flat on their faces.

I really miss the presence of Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca).  While Ralph and Bill are excellent opposites, Pam gives that gentler touch that helps to diffuse the testosterone.  Selleca was apparently pregnant and had to be shot around for the few shows she was in.

On the whole, there is good stuff here, but it overloaded my senses a little, too.


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