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There are many free niche articles available for online use. As a webmaster, finding the time to write content for your site can be difficult, not to mention the cost of hiring others to write it for you. Instead, you can use quality articles by talented writers or experts, for free. These free niche articles are housed on article directories on the web, and each site has its own stipulations when using their content.

Carefully read each site’s terms of use. You may need to link back to the site. You almost always will have to keep the entire article intact, including the exact URLs in the author’s bio or in the article itself. Changing these URLs is a violation of the terms of use and can result in the content being removed from your site.

Here are a few sources for quality, free niche articles:

Articles Base showcases over 600,000 free niche articles in 25 categories, ranging from “Advertising” to “Home & Family” to “Writing.” To use articles, simply locate the “Syndicate theis Article” box on the article page and copy the code to your clipboard. You can then paste the HTML code into any HTML editor to publish the article on your site, blog or ezine. You must keep the article intact.

Ezine Articles has a lengthy terms of service encapsulating what you can and can’t do with articles on the site. You can’t sell the articles, for example, and you must include the author’s bio and links without any changes. This site also has a large collection of well-written free niche articles and strict editorial guidelines ensuring quality.

Bukisa is a new, up-and-coming how-to site with articles on a myriad of topics. Article writers, as well as contributors of audio, visual and video content, can decide whether or not to allow syndication of their submissions. If they chose yes, there will be a syndication box on their article or content page, and you may use this tool to copy and past the html code and publish the content on your sites. Again, you must keep it all intact, including links and author bio.

Wikihow is a user-driven content site in which articles are pblished under the Creative Commons License, allowing others to publish the how-to instructions elswhere on the web. Since the articles are editable by other users, they may change slightly over time through edits and changes by the original author and others.

These sites with free niche articles are an excellent resource for webmasters, ezine publishers and bloggers. Explore them today to see if there is content you can use for your sites.


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