The Greatest American Hero: Operation Spoilsport

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The Greatest American Hero: Operation Spoilsport, a second season episode, has a very dramatic opening.  I can’t say that it was as authentic as it could have been, but I loved the drama of a missile suddenly emerging and triggering a 24 hour countdown.  John Anderson guest stars in this portion of the story as a general.

I had to chuckle at the next bit that had Michael Pare’s Tony showing off his new set of wheels, as in a car, to Ralph Hinkley.  He was promoting the idea of racing and the winner taking the other’s car.  It was the predecessor to the Pinks All Out! series on the Speech Channel.

The alien ship returns in this episode after delivering a message to Ralph and Bill about the impending danger.  It includes a funny bit with Ralph trying to chase after it, calling out for the instruction book.

I pretty like both of the main storylines, with Tony and his buddies doing their racing and with the threat of war because of the missile being pointed towards Russia.

It’s good drama, and there are a couple of surprises along the way as well.  Some may think this show is a comic strip, but it’s not.  It has a lot to say while getting its laughs.


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