The Greatest American Hero: The Best Desk Scenario

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The Greatest American Hero: The Best Desk Scenario has some intrigue to it and it also is the show that most points out the lunacy that can occur when networks overreact to real life.

After this series debuted, President Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt by a man named Hinkley.  For some odd reason, the powers that be at the network decided that the public would react negatively to anyone with the Hinkley name.

Now remember, the show was already on the air and William Katt’s character was already known as Ralph Hinkley.  However, with the advent of the assassination attempt, Ralph Hinkley became Ralph Hanley.  Dumb, dumb, and did I say it was dumb?

In this episode, they even had a scene where Ralph gets a new office at his high school and it says ‘Hanley’ on the plaque.  Fortunately, the stir settled during the off season, and the next year we were back to H as in Hinkley.

As for the plot, it’s all about Ralph and girlfriend Pam (Connie Sellecca) both getting potential promotions at the same time that Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) is sliding at the FBI.  It’s a pretty good outing, but what I like most are Ralph’s attempts to think ‘fire’ and destroying Bill’s agency car.


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