The Greatest American Hero: Fire Man

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After Faye Grant getting center stage two episodes prior, it was Michael Pare’s turn in The Greatest American Hero: Fire Man.  Both Grant and Pare star in the series as students of Ralph Hinkley (William Katt).

Pare’s Tony character is the reputed bad boy of the high school culture, though he’s reformed.  However, he panics after being pulled over by a couple of detectives and accused of theft and arson.  As a result, he tries to evade being taken in.  I really enjoyed this segment and where the show ultimately goes.

Robby Weaver is a recurring character on the series, and he has a couple of cute scenes here that I really enjoyed.  Weaver is the son of Dennis Weaver, so I tend to notice when he shows up on TV.

Another good thing about this particular outing is that we get to see Connie Sellecca’s Pam Davidson actually performing as a lawyer. Normally she’s helping out the guys as they do the superhero bit, so this was different.  She’s quite good, showing her strength and determination as an attorney.

On the whole, this is a good story that had action, adventure, humor, and heart.  The acting by the performers all take the show to its very best.


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