The Greatest American Hero: Reseda Rose

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The Greatest American Hero: Reseda Rose has a rather long setup for the plot, some of which works well and one part that bored me.  On the whole, this series tends to be very entertaining, but the whole bit at the beginning with the submarine and such went on too long.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed watching Rhonda and her mom.  Rhonda is the character played by Faye Grant.  She’s one of the students in Ralph Hinkley’s high school class.  Cast as her mom in this show is E.J. Peaker, and it is simply sensational casting.  Peaker and Grant work super well together and they have a great mom and daughter look, too.

Rhonda’s mom ends up being abducted, which causes a panicked Rhonda to drive over to Ralph’s house for help.

Now right before that was a poignant scene with Ralph’s son, Kevin (Brandon Williams), and the ex-wife who ends up bailing on a Marineland date so she can make a commercial.  What bugs me about this setup is that it’s heartbreaking, but then two minutes later, Ralph is bailing on his kid, too, leaving him with his girlfriend, Pam (Connie Selleca).

I do like the everything happening at once bit as Ralph tries to deal with everyone.

On the whole, the episode worked, especially due to Peaker’s portrayal.


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