Benefits of Having a Large Social Circle

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There are many things that money alone cannot help in. You need to know people that work in that field or have expertise in that field. One such example could be if you are looking to get a job with a particular company in a particular position. In these situations you cannot simply put some money on the table to buy that position. However if you happen to know somebody who is already working in that company and that person forwards your application there is a much higher chance you may get that particular job. This is one simple example of how a large social circle can work in your benefit.

But making a productive and large social circle is not so easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to make new friends. You not only have to get acquainted with the right people but also regularly meet friends to maintain good relations. You have to make new friends and meet new people constantly. But meeting is only a part of the strategy. You have to really be a unselfish friend first to really expect anything back from your social circle. It essentially reminds of the famous saying, ‘You scratch my back and I will scratch my back’. As said earlier increasing your social circle also involves sparing a lot of time. You may have to participate in many social activities that you may not necessarily be interested in, however you will be able to meet more people and make new friends who will ultimately be of your use.

If you continue expanding your social circle the benefits will be evident. One of the obvious benefits is if you are an entrepreneur or start a small business. Initially when you start a business you need to advertise and get the word out about your business. Having a large social circle means it will be much easier to spread your message. When you meet friends and tell them about your business they will in turn talk about it with their friends. As a result more and more people learn about your business.

Similarly if you need some capital to start or run your business then as you make new friends they may be able to provide you with some capital or at least may know somebody who can provide you with the capital. Having a good social life keeps people happy and prosperous regardless.


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