Is Discount Health Insurance For You?

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You may be one of the millions of Americans that do not have healthcare insurance. Insurance use to be a very common benefit with many full time jobs, but not as many companies offer this as they use to, mostly due to the rising costs of insuring families. If you do not have what you need, there are plans out there that you can buy on your own. You may not think that discount health insurance is a good idea, but there are times when this is better than having nothing at all. You won’t get as much coverage as you would with other policies, but this may not be a huge issue for you.

Discount health insurance is something that most find to be too costly in the long run if they have a lot of health problems, but in the end it can still save someone a lot of money. These types of plans often have very high co pays and high deductible amounts. Most in good health will never use these up, therefore the insurance will never kick in. However, if the unexpected happens, it is nice to know that the entire bill will not be something that you have to pay in full because you have insurance that can cover at least some of it. It is not ideal for some people, but it can be a gift for others.

Those that can do well with discount health insurance, as apposed to having no insurance at all, are those that are young and in good health. Some people can go years without having to visit a doctor, and if they do, ti is for something small and that does not require more visits or any type of hospitalization. Though you can not count on being healthy, there are many that are young and have no reasons to fear that they will be sick. In this case, discount health care can be for emergencies, which are obviously unexpected.

On the other hand, discount health insurance may cost less in your monthly bill, but if you have children that need to see the doctor, or if you have chronic medical issues, it may not be worth it for you. You will end up paying out more in deductibles and co pays than you would for paying for a better health insurance policy. If you can not seem to afford insurance other than the discount type, find out if you qualify for help through the state or if your employer would be willing to start a policy for you, even if you must pay some of it on your own. This can still save money even when you get less in your paycheck.

When deciding if discount health insurance is right for you, sit down and tally up the cost of the insurance, how much you pay out of pocket, and what your typical medical expenses are. You may find that this is the way to go, or you may find that it simply is not right for your family. Discount is not always a bad thing, but it is not always the right thing. Just be sure to know exactly what you pay and what is and is not covered before you sign up. The main reasons you would seek medical attention may be the very things not covered on a discount policy for health insurance.


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