Healthy Salmon Recipes – Boiling For Indulgence, And Health

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If you chose to learn to cook seafood, you’d find that it was good for you, but also that it doesn’t take much time. When it comes to healthy salmon recipes, broiling the fish can be a great way to retain its nutritional value. Not to mention, broiling can help you cook with very little fat or other additives that could make your meal less healthy.

Not every fish is suited to grilling or broiling. The intense heat of the grill can really dry a fish out if it doesn’t have a lot of oiliness within. Salmon though luckily, does have a good degree of oiliness natively, and this makes it makes an excellent choice for all healthy salmon recipes involving broiling. There is something pure and fresh about the taste of salmon. While some people like their broiled salmon heavily seasoned with sauces – tartar sauce or butter sauce are favorites, you could conceivably try the fish with minimal seasoning to help keep its native taste.

To cook your broiled salmon, start off with a salmon fillet that’s about an inch thick. Before you cook it, you’ll need to get the broiler ready. Turn on the preheating in your oven, and make sure that the rack in the oven is at least a little distance from the broiling element. Get it too close, and you could risk burning the salmon by drying it out. Wash your salmon fillet nice and clean under the tap and dry it on a clean cloth. Place a couple of sprigs of rosemary on a foil-lined broiling pan, spread a little olive oil on the foil, and place your salmon in it. You can season the salmon a little bit with salt and pepper. In all healthy salmon recipes, overcooking is typically not recommended, even if it could add a little extra flavor. Once the fillet has been broiling for about seven or eight minutes, baste it with a bit of lemon juice and flip it over. You can serve it after garnishing it with parsley flakes. To get decorate the salmon, you could try cut lemon slices next to it and a bed of roasted potatoes and rice.

Of course, what’s a recipe without a little experimenting. Try a dressing like this. And these together: a half cup of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of milk, some parsley and a pinch of dill. A little Worcestershire sauce and a little butter would taste great too taste too. Mix it all together, and you should have a great tangy and buttery dressing for your salmon. Just because you’re trying healthy salmon recipes, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little indulgence.


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