To Renovate or Build New – Choosing Your Commercial Building

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The location and premises from where you operate your business can make a huge impact on the type of clientele you attract and the potential of your business to grow. While there is a wide choice to make, with respect to size, location and prices, it is important to choose a building that serves your precise business needs and fits into your budget. A proper cash-flow analysis and consultation with a Minnesota general contractor can help you arrive at the right decision with regard to building a new commercial premise or renovate the existing facilities to make it more suitable for your business requirements.


If you have found the perfect building in a location that is best suited for your business, you can consider renovating it to suit your commercial needs. You can hire an accredited inspection company to make an evaluation about the structural strength and other construction factors such as durability and quality of construction. The entire property can also be evaluated for environmental compatibility. Drawbacks in any of these aspects can be a good bargaining factor to be leveraged.

Renovation should be done by hiring a reputable Minnesota general contractor with a clear contract specifying deadlines and quality of work expected. You may also consider hiring a commercial designer to help with the interior. It is important to identify features that are absolutely essential for your commercial needs. If you are overwhelmed with many features and exciting options, create a list of essentials to help you remain on track and prevent funds from being utilized for facilities that are of no use to your business, at least in the present circumstances.

Building New

If you find building a new commercial premise more feasible instead of going for patch repairs and renovation, you must consider the capital investment that you will be required to make. Commercial business consultants or other Minnesota construction professionals will be the best to advise you about the tax structure, rate of construction and information about infrastructure and utilities.

The commercial building that you propose to construct needs to be well designed and fit for its specific purpose. It must also create the right image for your company and provide for the future growth of your business. It is also advisable to have a plan that is flexible and allows for future expansion without disturbing the present set-up in a major way. Your business plan and advisors can be consulted before freezing the final design and layout.

There are different types of permits, environmental compliances, architectural and construction issues that you will need to address before deciding on the right construction plan for your business premises. Choosing a reputable and experienced Minnesota general contractor is crucial for the successful and timely completion of the project. If you have a clear vision of the main needs that you expect from your commercial building, it becomes easy for the rest of the things to fall in place.

Undoubtedly, the quality of construction and the budget along with the construction plan are some of the key aspects where you need to pay more attention for successful implementation and completion of your dream office building. Renovating or building a new commercial set-up depends on your specific business needs, the location and to a large extent, on the type of budget you are able to allocate for the purpose. Consulting Minnesota construction experts in the field can help you arrive at the right decision.

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