The Greatest American Hero: The Two-Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Fast Ball

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The Greatest American Hero: The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast Ball was the first episode of the series’ second season.  It was actually the only full season since it began as a mid-season replacement and then was canceled after the first half of the 3rd year.

The show had Ralph Hinkley signing a contract with the major league baseball team, the California Stars.  He is a pitching and, courtesy of his powerful alien spacesuit, he easily strikes out the other team when brought in to play.

The whole thing goes to his head a bit, and frankly, those ramblings were probably the worst part of the show.  The fun was watching the game and seeing how the bad guys were caught.

Talk show host Mike Douglas appeared as himself, doing an interview with Hinkley after his stunning performance on the field.  Baseball great Don Drysdale also appears as himself, calling the baseball games on the radio.  I actually thought he did a good job with those segments.

With this show, both Faye Grant and Michael Pare were given billing in the opening credits for their portrayals as the main students in Ralph’s class at high school.  It was deserved as both added spark to the show.

I’m not a big Markie Post fan, but I thought she was natural and very good in her part of the show as well.


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