The Greatest American Hero: Here's Looking at You, Kid

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What I tend to focus on most and what I enjoyed the best about The Greatest American Hero: Here’s Looking at You, Kid, which was the second episode of the entire series, was that this was the show when Pam Davidson’s parents came to town to meet her boyfriend, Ralph Hinkley.

It is Ralph, of course, who is the greatest American hero after having been given an amazing superhero outfit from some aliens.  He’s still resisting his calling at this point, and he really hates it when his partner in the superhero business, FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, continues to interrupt him in class or, as is important to this outing, when he’s supposed to meet Pam’s parents.

Bob Hastings, who actually does a few different characters in the course of the series, guest starred as Pam’s dad while June Lockhart appeared as her mother.  Both were definitely delightful in their roles and were quite believable as Pam’s parents.

This is a show that has a good balance between Ralph’s high school class and the action adventure where he’s after the bad guys.  The show loses this over time, which I understand is actually the fault of the powers that be at the network and not the producers or cast of the series.


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