The Greatest American Hero: Divorce, Venusian Style

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The Greatest American Hero: Divorce, Venusian Style was the beginning of the show’s final, somewhat short third season on the air.  In the pilot, high school teacher Ralph Hinkley (William Katt) is given a superhero suit by some space aliens.  He’s also given an instruction manual, which he promptly loses.

This outing opens with Ralph having an argument with his superhero partner, Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), who is an FBI agent.  The two men are actually very different in personality and yet they’ve formed a bond in the process of fighting the bad guys.  However, they clash here for a bit.

Naturally, it doesn’t last, and when the bad guys show up, they work together, only Ralph had taken off the suit and ends up getting shot.  Katt really does a nice job with his initial reaction to being shot.  I really felt the shock of the experience.  As it progressed, though, I was less convinced.  It was a little too focused on his partnership with Bill, rather than his practically forgotten son and girlfriend.

What’s fun about this episode is that the aliens return to heal Ralph and we get to see the inside of the spaceship and learn why they are trying to help Earth.  It’s an emotional bit worth watching.


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