Herbal Remedies For Bronchitis

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Bronchitis may be from a viral infection or a bacterial infection. Consider these many herbal remedies for curing your bronchitis.

Astragalus will strengthen your immune system and kill bacteria.

Echinacea can heal you faster. It boosts your immune system and helps to heal up any infections faster. It will shorten the life of bronchitis.

Elecampane can actually clear up any mucus that is lingering in your lungs. This is important to clear up the lungs and free them from mucus.

Eucalyptus can be inhaled as steam to open up the passages and get rid of any congestion you may be dealing with.

Ginkgo biloba can protect the lungs while you have an infection. It prevents damage to your lungs while you fight off bronchitis.

Lobelia gets rid of any congestion you have. It also helps if you have problems with weezing. Reishi is great for fighting off bacterial infections.

Another great herb to relieve bronchial congestion is mullein oil. Use this to help with increasing the circulation of your lungs.

Since goldenseal is an antibiotic, it is great to use if you have bronchitis. It also gets rid of any inflammation you may have.

Fenugreek can actually help if you have a runny nose. Elderberry is great to use if you are experiencing fever. It reduces fever and also clears up congestion in your nose.

Coltsfoot is used commonly for coughing. Use ginseng to clear up the bronchial passages and get rid of inflammation.


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