The Greatest American Hero: Who's Woo in America

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The Greatest American Hero: Who’s Woo in America may have a funny title, but it’s an intriguing episode nevertheless.  This second season outing was especially fun to watch because the main guest star was Barbara Hale.  While Hale is best known for her portrayal of Della Street on Perry Mason, she also happens to be the mother of William Katt, who stars as Ralph Hinkley in this series.

After this appearance, the two would later go on to appear in the Perry Mason TV movies.

What’s fun here is that Hale’s character, Paula Hinkley, is really hip and fun.  There’s nothing staid about her.  She’s in a romance with a younger man, and there’s a hotel scene that indicates they are staying together.

I love watching mother and son together, and Hale is just wonderful.  She gets to show off some variety in her acting from the Della character, and I like that.

It doesn’t take a genius to guess that somehow Paula’s boyfriend is involved in the bad guy mess that ensures in this hour.  Tom Hallick appears as the boyfriend.  He has some nice scenes with Katt that are pretty amusing.  Ralph isn’t fond of mom’s new beau, that’s for sure.


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