The Greatest American Hero: The Hit Car

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The Greatest American Hero: The Hit Car’s best moments for me are when the street wise students in Ralph Hinkley’s high school class end up performing Shakespeare in spite of their original hesitation.

Though in the latter part of the series the students were pretty much kaput, in these first mid-season shows, they figured prominently.

Michael Pare is especially fun to watch.  He’s perhaps better known for the Eddie and the Cruisers movies, but he really heated up the screen when he was part of the show.  He was the bad of the baddest at the high school, the dude with the hot rod.  Listening to his recitation of Shakespeare is a hoot.

Faye Grant, who later made waves in NBC’s V mini-series, also excels here.  In the pilot, she had a huge crush on Ralph Hinkley (William Katt), but now she’s in a relationship with Pare’s character.  She’s very upbeat in the show, and it works.

The rest of the episode is actually somewhat average.  It’s the standard protect the informant from the bad guys, only insert some superhero stuff into the mix.

However, this is an entertaining show with some strong acting talent.  Joined by Robert Culp and Connie Selleca, it’s a solid cast.


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