The Greatest American Hero: Pilot

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The plot for The Greatest American Hero seems a little silly on the surface, and in fact, it is, but it still serves up some good comedy as well as drama.  What this pilot episode does is introduce us to the primary characters and show how they begin to develop a rapport, all because of an alien spaceship that drops off a superhero outfit and instruction booklet.  The complication is that the manual gets lost, leaving the poor humans on their own to figure it out.

What stands out about the pilot is the outstanding theme music.  Joey Scarbury sings the title song which ended up being a pop hit at the time.  It’s a catchy tune and is fun to sing.

William Katt stars as Ralph Hinkley, a special education high school teacher whose class consists of what some would call the burn outs.  He’s the one who inherits the suit from outer space.  Katt is surprisingly charming and worth watching.  He keeps the show from becoming a low class comic strip.

Then there is Robert Culp who played a quirky, sharp tongued FBI agent.  He ends up working with Ralph to catch the bad guys.

One of the things I liked about the pilot was Ralph’s son, Kevin.  He was cute as a button and believable as Katt’s son.


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