The Promises of Effective Pay Per Lead Telemarketing

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Do not make promises you cannot keep. This is one of the best sayings I had heard when I was still in grade school. From that day, to practice such value was engraved on my mind. The same principle applies in business-to-business (B2B) lead generation. Each direct marketing tool has its own promises and while some are true, others are out-and-out lies.

On the other hand, pay per lead telemarketing has also its promises. Compared to other direct marketing tools, the advantages that many companies have experienced with this payment model are a solid proof of how this lead generation technique can turn your bad sales performance around. What are these promises? Let us find out.

1. Fresh sales leads. All business owners want  their sales leads to be fresh prospects, not recycled ones . Through telemarketing, pay per lead is powered to deliver only the fresh ones. Lead suppliers are armed with a large computer database that will allow you to target new prospects based on specific criteria such as geographical location, company size, annual revenue, etc. Lead providers set stringent rules about re-using sales leads since their credibility is on the line.

2. Cutting edge technology. This is one of the many advantages that pay per lead telemarketing has over traditional lead generation mediums. Through the aid of state-of-the-art telephony and computer systems, a venue is provided to professionals where they can easily and conveniently interact with prospects and efficiently carry out prospecting and appointment setting tasks.

3. Speed and accuracy. Buying leads on a pay per lead model sets a balance between speed and accuracy, which can rarely be done through other techniques. With just one phone call and a skilled telemarketer, every information is gathered precisely. Business opportunities are opened and deals can be closed in record time. It is like hitting two birds in one stone, and only professional lead generation can turn this promise into a reality.

4. Cost-effectiveness. This is very true if a firm needs a small quantity of sales leads, say for example, within the range of five to twenty in a short period. Since lead generators only have to deliver a small quantity of leads, proper qualification is observed to ensure that you will only get high-quality prospects for your sales people. It may not be the cheapest, but satisfactory performance is delivered at a cost that is worth your dollars.

5. Focus on core competencies. Marketing is a full-time responsibility. Therefore, it will be a heavy burden for a company to shoulder extensive lead generation initiatives on their own. Buying leads, on the other hand, enables business organizations to free up a lot of time to concentrate on their core competencies, which results to improved productivity among employees.

Of course, you won’t be able to gauge how effective any marketing technique is until you try it. Several firms that opted to buy sales leads on a pay per lead program have already enjoyed the benefits of this simple lead generation technique. Find a good lead provider and discover if they can stay true to the promises mentioned above.


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