Unique Wedding Dress Features That You May Have Overlooked

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As you think about the features you’d like to see in the wedding dress you decide on, why not free your imagination, letting it soar beyond the usual designs and consider some out-of-the-ordinary features that may make your wedding dress special.

In the world of fashion, designer items always reflect the daring innovation, the creativity and inspiration of the artist who creates them. They’re new and distinct, with an edgy, earthy high quality which makes them stand out from the crowd of styles that everybody else is creating, and this is component of the magic that makes them such sought-after items about the fashion scene.

As the bride-to-be, you will find the creative freedom to pick the features that will make your wedding gown new and various. You are able to uncover a exclusive design that expresses the subtle or not-so-subtle nuances of the personality. By borrowing a few of the creative ideas of the famous clothing designers, you could have the gown that’s a signature expression of the personal style.

The following gowns offer a number of eye-catching features that you may have overlooked in creating your personal wedding gown shopping list:

Numerous special features are reflected in the strapless Silk A-line gown that combines a lovely corset-seamed bodice with an array of unusual fashion touches that give it an air of drama and daring. The silk and satin floral corsage that’s set jauntily at the natural waistline perfectly sparks the pleated skirt and twisted back train which make this wedding dress one-of-a-kind. Try searching at styles that make great use of floral elements, because this one does, for a bold new bridal look. A twisted back train and/or pleated skirt will also add intrigue to your gown.

An additional look that mixes a number of special features is the strapless Silk and Cotton Faille slim gown, which boasts an ultra-wide silk-satin waistband in the natural waistline, creating a straightforward, classic line when viewed in the front that’s embellished through the bolder design accents that adorn the back: an oversized bow and flirty, pleated back skirt.

The rear skirt gives this gown a fabulous, form-fitting silhouette that makes the style truly intriguing. Take into consideration trying super-wide waistbands, oversized bows, and fitted gown styles with back skirts to make your wedding gown unique.

Another form-fitting style that’s sure to turn heads as a result of its out-of-the-ordinary features is the Silk Satin Fit to Flare strapless gown with sweetheart neckline, which boasts exquisite hand-appliqued Venice Lace artistically applied from neckline to hemline out of all proper places to produce a fabulous custom design.

Form-fitting to the knees, this intriguing gown sweeps outward below knee-level until it brushes the ground, creating a stunning silhouette that demands the red carpet treatment. Venice Lace would add an incredible touch of glamour for your wedding gown, as would a form-fitting skirt with a romantic below-the-knee flare. The sweetheart neckline, along with the rest of your gown, is going to be even lovelier when adorned with classy Venice Lace.

A style that incorporates the impressive though tasteful use of color to embellish your bridal gown may be the Silk Organza strapless ball gown. This charming style sticks out mainly because of the elegant contrast provided by its elaborate Panne Velvet belt, which creates its magic by means of modest circles of black velvet peeking through an exquisite surrounding design crafted from sparkling crystal.

The gown itself includes a modified sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice with smart diagonal pleating, flowing skirt with classic train, and attractive ruffled-edge waistband, which perfectly frames the gorgeous belt. These features combine to create a shimmering picture of unconventional bridal beauty.

Try adding a subtle touch of color for your wedding dress with a belt, sash, or other accessory that can provide a pleasing or dramatic contrast to your white or ivory gown. Sparkling crystal and/or smooth velvet in your selection of color can also add a dash of sophistication for your bridal look.

For a genuinely distinctive wedding dress with numerous impressive design features, consider the Silk Metallic Faille A-Line gown. This beauty features a full skirt, sweetheart neckline, and draped bodice embellished with a vintage-style jewelry accent perched at the top correct edge of the bodice. Attractive detailing at bodice and waistline and Gilded Ivory metallic finish make this style truly 1 of a type.

Look for unusual fabric features, like a metallic finish, and use such atypical stylistic elements like a draped and interestingly detailed bodice, unusual strap style, and out-of-the-ordinary jewelry accents to create a look that says, “Here stands a fashion-conscious bride.”

Several special features exist that may transform your wedding dress right into a one-in-a-million design. We’ve mentioned a number of here, but the lovely things it is possible to do to design the wedding grown of your dreams are limited only because of your imagination. So, let your creativity run free of charge, and you’ll be surprised at the amazing ideas you’ll envision for designing a dress that’s all your own.


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