Is Abortion Right?

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There are two groups in this debate. pro-life and Pro-choice. Both should technically be Pro-choice because it is the “mother’s” choice! Pro-life is completely against the abortion of babies. Pro-choice believes that it really should be left at the choice of the mother to decide what she would like to do. Now Pro-life is a bit corrupted, they are corrupted in the sense that most only focus on human baby life, and not on other animals. Most Pro-life people do not care if an animal is being aborted, but only in the life of a human.

I say that if you are Pro-life then you should be Pro-ALL life, not just that of a human. I personally am Pro-choice. It really should be up to the parent to decide. One may influence the parent to pick one thing or the other but never really pressure or be against that person’s decision. Now Pro-life people focus on ending all abortion clinics and practice. They do not know what economical benefit abortion has. Ending the practice would make economy fall once again. I believe that most Pro-life people are naive. They focus on only human life and not that of the animals. If one wishes to be Pro-life then so be it, just do not neuter your animals or only support human abortion banning.

Pro-life people should also look at why one wishes to abort, maybe the mother will die in birth. If the mom dies during birth what kind of life will the child have knowing that he or she killed his or her mother? Say the mother lives but the father wishes to go, yes the father did a selfish act by leaving but what if the mother could have kept the father if she aborted the baby? That baby would have to live it’s life knowing it separates his or hers parents. Let us say that the mother wished to abort because she could not financially support the baby, if she had it then the baby would not live a very happy fulfilled life because it grew up poor or the mother would be miserable. Now let us leave that behind for now and focus on the babies we have NOW. The earth is already over-populated. There are too many people here already, some countries more populated than others but that is because the people there do not have the chance to leave.

If the government was able to spread the population out evenly then all would be able to go smoother, but that is not the case therefore counties are over populated and must take very drastic measures. Now in those countries abortion is not allowed, so that is a big reason why it is so terrible. With too many people we have inflation rising and the value of money will diminish, jobs will be very hard to find and the level of criminal activity will rise. Now rather you are Pro-life or Pro-choice is your own decision, just make sure you have a very clear understanding of what it is you are doing. Abortion in a sense is a good thing, if it is done for the appropriate reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that in some circumstances abortion is wrong, as do i believe that sometimes it is right.

It SHOULD be a choice, but unfortunately society is not as well informed as they should be about this subject and until they fully understand the importance of abortion they will continue to ruin the lives of millions in order to save just one. Do you know how painful giving birth is? Many even die from it. So before you begin to judge someone about their decision then you should think about why they chose what they did and what the outcome would be. Abortion can be right just as it can be wrong.



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