Kindle Nook Comparison

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A few months ago I decided I wanted to buy a tablet computer. With $250 in my pocket to spend I searched the web looking for some. I wanted something that looked cool, could download books, had internet browsing, and was worth the $300 that I had. After a few days I narrowed it down to the Kindle, the Nook, and the Ipad.

I found that the Ipad had the most features (I later discovered that it even had a Kindle app) but the cheapest version coast $500 dollars and I didn’t really want to spend that much.

So now I searched the web looking for Kindle Nook Comparison reviews. It was a long and hard process. The Nook has a Touch screen at the bottom and electronic ink for the main screen(10 days of battery). The Kindle has just an electronic ink screen with buttons at the bottom so it has better battery life(30 days).

They both have almost the exact same features but the Kindles’ web browser works everywhere where there is cell phone service if you buy the 3g version, the Nooks’ only works with wi-fi.

The Kindle is currently priced at $139 for wi-fi and $189 for 3g.
The Nook is Priced at $149 wi-fi and $199 3g

If your going to buy a wi-fi model of either one than the Nook Color is probably better, it coast $249 and has a touch screen.

In the end I bought the Kindle 3g because I wanted to browse the web anywhere, not where there was wi-fi. The Battery life is great two. I love my Kindle and I’m very glad that I bought it.

The Nook color is a good choice if you already have a wi-fi network at home. It doesn’t have a 3g model so that is why I didn’t buy it, plus it coast a lot more than the the Nook and Kindle.

The Nook is a great choice if you want to have a cheep e-reader with a small touch screen instead of a keypad like the Kindle.

I hope you found this Kindle Nook Comparison Helpful. Have fun with your new e-reader. 🙂

Kindle Nook Comparison

Kindle Nook Comparison

Kindle Nook Comparison

Kindle Nook Comparison

Kindle Nook Comparison


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