Herbal Remedies For Asthma

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If you suffer from asthma, there are many natural remedies which you can use to help ease your symptoms and attacks. I will name some common herbal remedies for asthma and how they can help you with your condition.

Elderberry is used to help relieve congestion in your nasal passages. This can help you breathe a little better. If you are congested, it certainly doesn’t help the cause at all. It can make the problem much worse than what it is.

Since asthma is often associated with allergic reactions, you can use ginger to help relieve that. Use ginger tea to help relieve any allergic reactions you may have.

Hyssop tea can help relieve any congestion you may have. As I stated, this can prevent your condition from being much worse.

Lobelia is great for those who suffer with asthma. Lobelia is known for relaxing the bronchial tissue. This can potentially prevent an attack. Also, lobelia is a great herb for reducing inflammation.

Nettle can help with problems of the respiratory system. If you have asthma, then nettle is helpful for you. It can improve your condition.

Mullein oil clenses the bronchial tubes. It can really improve on your condition. Use mullein oil to relieve your coughing also. It is a very useful herb when dealing with asthma.

Since licorice root is an expectorant, it can help if you have an unproductive cough. If you need to clear out your passages in order to have more clear breathing, use licorice root for that.

You have heard of all the other health benefits of green tea, but have you heard about it’s ability to open up your bronchial passages? It can help you breathe much more easily. Green tea is a very helpful herbal remedy for many things.

Chamomile tea will soothe your throat and it is also an antihistamine. Use chamomile tea if you often feel allergy symptoms with your asthma.


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