Cabin Fever

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Snowed in with frost on every window,

it all seems more than I can bear;

day in, day out, this constant cold

and more snowflakes in the air.

The snow is piling up outside,

The streets and sidewalks are all iced.

I made a stew and that will do,

and with cornbread will suffice

for food to eat, no one to share,

seems we are all snowed in.

Just when we thought we’d get a break,

guess not; it’s snowing out again

and I’ve got cabin fever,

snowed in, not much to do.

I’ve read until the words all blurred

and now I’m feeling antsy too,

closed in, feeling gray and gloomy,

seems the air holds a chill

even though it’s warm inside

while outside more snow spills.

It’s not safe to go out walking.

There is too much ice and snow,

and a wind that gives a nasty bite,

and it is doggone cold…

Now I’ve got cabin fever

though I’ve rearranged and cooked and cleaned

and even brushed my kitties

until their fur is a healthy sheen.

I’ve caught a case of cabin fever.

I’m sick of the winter scene.

This winter weather it seems to me

has gone to the extreme.

I don’t like the weatherman

because he’s predicting more;

at least another couple days

of deep cold and winter storm.

Most times I really do like winter.

I like romping in the snow,

but not when it’s this stormy

and it is zero and below.

I’ve got cabin fever.

I’ve seen enough of snow.

I want spring; sunshine, green leaves and grass

and I want to watch the flowers grow…

And maybe that will happen

in about twelve weeks or so

but in the meantime I am stuck

with twelve plus feet of snow.

and more snow is piling up outside

and the wind is howling round.

It’s another long, frigid, cold day

with winter coming down.


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