Godaddy vs Hostgator vs Sharkspace

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So I decided that I wanted to make my very own website! It turned out that getting one was a little more stressful than I had anticipated …

As I searched for web hosts and domain providers, I began to get a feel for this strange industry. For some reason pretty much every web host’s website looks like a scam. They all look like they were made in 1999, and they pepper you with deals, coupons and ‘freebies’.
I realised that if I wanted the best price I should test closing my browser window when I was half way through purchasing a domain and/or web hosting. More often than not a dialogue box would pop up, begging me to continue my purchase and offering me a 50% off deal. It’s dodgy things like this that made me wonder whether any of this businesses were legitimate.

First I purchased a domain and web hosting with GoDaddy. The domain was all fine and dandy, but I wasn’t impressed with the hosting. GoDaddy’s menus and site navigation is so weird and messy that it hurts my brain. Also, I couldn’t get my custom email accounts to work at all. Granted, I probably could have contacted them and fixed this, but I decided that at that stage I’d lose nothing if I moved on to someone else.

Researching online, I found that a lot of unhappy GoDaddy customers had switched to HostGator and were now happy. I decided to follow in their footsteps (or … bandwidth?).
Switching to HostGator was pretty streamlined. I simply had to cancel my hosting with GoDaddy, sign up to HostGator, then point my GoDaddy domain’s nameservers to HostGator.
My experience was better at HostGator. The management tools are quite neat and simple, and the 24/7 live chat support was really helpful. I still had a couple of issues with the custom email accounts, but that might have been my Gmail’s fault (forwarding etc).

Unfortunately, one month later I decided to move again. HostGator’s hosting seemed relatively expensive as far as it goes, and I’m interested in running a very small personal WordPress website.
So I did a heap more reasearch, and finally decided to move to SharkSpace. They’re cheap, have good-looking website (I’m a sucker for those), all the usual features and fast 24/7 support – who transfered my website from HostGator for me very fast (and for free). So far so good!

The website that I now have on SparkSpace can be seen at


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