Only The Very Best Upholstery Cleaner For That Fabulous Car

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The best upholstery cleaner for your car might not be the same as the one you would use on your settee. Car upholstery is meant to resist more injury, and the marks you get in your auto ( mud, oil, and who-knows-what from the outdoors ) are often tougher than indoor parlor stains. Many repair shop owners counsel a product called “Blue Max” ( by Car Brite ) as an all-purpose cleaner. Your best shot is to water down the product first and then spray it over. Let the mix sit, and then use water and soap with a scrub brush to scrub up the stain and the product. Vacuum as the final step to keep the fabric fresh. While many are convinced Blue Max is the best upholstery cleaner for your car, the stuff is powerful. You are going to need to crack the windows a bit during and following cleaning to permit the fumes to escape. Some gentler possibilities that others counsel when asked what is the best upholstery cleaner for the auto are Blue Coral, Folex and Oxiclean. Remember that it is often worth trying just soap and water with a light brush first, without any extra product in any way.

To keep the inside of your automobile looking good, you also need to do maintenance cleaning on a regular basis. The best upholstery cleaner for upkeep is a vacuum. One strongly recommended product for reaching the interior of your car is a Bissell green machine. There are 2 models you can consider. The small Green Cleaner is a mini steam vacuum with powerful spray and suction for an one-step cleaning and drying process. It is designed compactly with a long cord to get to hard to reach spots. Best of all, it’s made with at least 75 percent recycled materials ( therefore the “green” name ). The little Green Pro is a step up in size and strength, and uses hot water together with a cleaning agent. It has a built in heater for the water, and two collection tanks — one for the fresh water and another for the unclean water after it is sucked back up. A few folks note the sprayer on these products can get clogged, but if you run some lime-away product through the hose, it should be back to functioning as your best upholstery cleaner.

If you are looking for more on upholstery care, you can check out one of my other articles on the best cleaners for upholstered furniture. For more cleaning tips, visit and join Pam’s free email course.


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