Custom Rubber Bracelets Are A Fantastic School Fundraiser

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In an era of budget cuts and classroom austerity, school clubs, bands, sports teams and other organizations are being forced to consider new, creative ways of fundraising. Many in recent years have turned to custom rubber bracelets as a fast way to raise needed cash. Sports teams, bands, glee clubs and other school groups rely on the sale of custom rubber bracelets to raise money for uniforms, trips, equipment and other needs.

Custom rubber bracelets have several natural assets that make them great school fundraising projects. For starters, they’re inexpensive enough that students can afford them. They’re fun to wear and they appeal to school spirit and pride. They help foster a sense of involvement and commitment to the fundraising cause.

The real key to the success of custom rubber bracelets in school fundraising is the fact that they are economical, but have a high per-unit profit margin. Bought in quantity for pennies apiece, they easily can be sold at $1 each. That’s low enough that just about anyone who wants a custom rubber bracelet can afford it, but high enough to raise a significant amount of money fast when the group needs it.

Actually, the term custom rubber bracelets is a bit of a misnomer. Virtually all custom bracelets made today are made of 100 percent medical-grade silicone, a stronger, more durable, hypoallergenic substance. But people are accustomed to referring to them as custom rubber bracelets, so the term remains in common use.

Custom rubber bracelets have been a worldwide phenomenon for several years. Students, parents, teachers, faculty and staff enjoy wearing them, whether it’s to show support for the school or a particular group, to support a social cause or just for fun.

The history of custom rubber bracelets would be incomplete without mentioning professional cyclist Lance Armstrong. Since he partnered with Nike in 2004 to introduce the now-famous yellow “Livestrong” custom rubber bracelets, the common yellow wristbands have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research worldwide.

Upon their introduction, the basic yellow custom rubber bracelets with the word Livestrong imprinted into them became a worldwide phenomenon. Demand was enormous, and the bands sold for only $1 each. Because so many sold, the dollars added up quickly.

Other organizations witnessed the massive success of the Livestrong custom rubber bracelets and quickly adopted their own wristbands in other colors as their own awareness and fund-raising devices. The vast majority sell at $1 each, the same price as the Livestrong custom rubber bracelets. The theory is that, rather than depend on a few larger donations, it’s often more productive to get many smaller ones. That’s the economic concept that makes custom rubber bracelets so successful.

The biggest reason custom rubber bracelets make terrific fundraisers for schools is s simple one — students enjoy wearing them. They appeal to the natural desire of students to fit in, to be a part of a group. Especially at the middle school level, this is a common school dynamic. The benefit of custom rubber bracelets is that their bright colors and unique message mark the wearers as members of an “in” group. Best of all, the price of admission – buying a custom rubber bracelet – is usually low enough that just about every person who wants to can join the group.


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