Silicone Bracelets Are A Promotional Tool That Just Won’t Quit

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Silicone bracelets have been a major part of pop culture worldwide for nearly a decade. Yet as a means of promoting positive change in the world, they remain a powerful marketing tool. Versatile enough to make a political statement, powerful enough to raise millions of dollars, silicone bracelets are an example of how things that start small can become huge.

It’s easy to understand why silicone bracelets have proved to be so long-lasting as a trend. After all, they’re extremely economical to buy. In quantity, they can be purchased for just pennies apiece. That means schools, charities and other organizations can sell them inexpensively, yet still earn a profit quickly. Selling silicone bracelets for as little as $1 each – the price of the original yellow wristbands that started the craze – such groups can quickly earn substantial profits for their causes.  

The yellow debossed silicone bracelets kicked off the wristband fad in 2004.  They are the classic example of the debossed style that is the most popular type of silicone bracelets available. With the message imprinted into the silicone bracelets, these wristbands feature a clean, understated look that keeps the focus on the message they’re meant to convey.

The basic yellow silicone bracelets, selling for only $1 each, have raised millions of dollars for cancer research and awareness since their introduction in 2004. Since so many other charities have jumped on the bandwagon in the following years, selling silicone bracelets in their own colors as well, it’s probably safe to say the ubiquitous little wristbands have raised billions of dollars for social causes worldwide.

And silicone bracelets are priced so low that even small scale efforts can make a big contribution. One school district in Ohio raised nearly $5,000 for Haitian earthquake relief last year in less than three weeks by selling silicone bracelets.

Silicone bracelets are even more effective as a tool for raising awareness. Most people recognized the yellow wristband, and what it represents, immediately. Pink wristbands also draw recognition primarily as a statement about breast cancer awareness. In many parts of the world, silicone bracelets are just about everywhere, raising consciousness about AIDS, poverty, bullying or other important causes.

Many businesses today also use silicone bracelets to market brands, services or products. Because of their low cost of production, silicone bracelets are a common giveaway items at trade shows and other public events to promote businesses.

Silicone bracelets are becoming a weapon of choice for new and emerging bands who want to make a name for themselves. Such bands promote themselves by issuing silicone bracelets printed with their names. The wristbands can be distributed on the street to get the band’s name better known, or they can be given – or sold – to concert-goers as a souvenir.

Even political campaigns have begun using silicone bracelets to raise name recognition. The successful write-in re-election campaign of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, in 2010 used silicone bracelets extensively to help show voters how to spell Murkowski’s last name. Her success is likely to persuade other campaigns to use the bracelets in the future.

The bottom line is this: silicone bracelets are versatile enough to be useful for just about any kind of fundraising, awareness raising or promotional cause or event.


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