Custom Wristbands Are An Icon Of The New Millennium

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Custom wristbands can legitimately be called one of the first fashion fads of the first decade of the new millennium. Since their introduction, their acceptance as a means to increase awareness of social causes, raise funds or even to just have fun, has been phenomenal. With ongoing popularity among both adults and children, it’s safe to say custom wristbands are a worldwide hit.

Of course, the fascination with custom wristbands owes its existence to the classic yellow debossed wristband – you know the one – introduced in 2004. That simple yellow silicone band, imprinted with a single word, has raised millions of dollars for cancer research. From its humble beginning, it became a phenomenon, first in the sports world, then among the wider population as well.

Other organizations saw how successful the yellow custom wristbands were, and introduced their own wristbands in different colors. Those silicone wristbands also became a phenomenal way to raise awareness and money for many worthy causes as well.

Custom wristbands are available today in several styles to suit just about any promotional need. Whether you want to promote a choir, a corporation or a charity, there’s a wristband style available that’s perfect for your needs.

The classic debossed wristband, which is the style of the famous yellow custom wristbands, is the best place to start. The debossed band is the most popular style of custom wristbands, and the most economical. Debossed wristbands feature a simple, understated look, with the desired message imprinted into the silicone of the wristbands.

Like other styles, debossed custom wristbands are made of superior quality 100 percent medical grade silicone. They’re unobtrusive and keep the focus on the nature of the message by their very simplicity. But sometimes you want to make a bolder statement with custom wristbands.

That’s where other styles come in. Embossed wristbands, for example, raise the lettering above the surface of the custom wristbands, essentially the reverse of the debossed bands. That ensures a bolder, more visible message.

If you need to precisely reproduce a corporate logo or trademark, silk screen printed custom wristbands are the way to go. With the image silk screen printed directly onto the flat surface of the silicone bands, these bands can reproduce virtually any printed image. Keep in mind, however, that these custom wristbands won’t be as durable as other styles because the message is not physically imprinted into the silicone.

If you really want a bold message that’s hard to overlook, go back to the debossed lettering and go for debossed painted custom wristbands. These fill in the debossed lettering with colors to create a bright message that’s just about impossible to miss.

You also can add colors to the wristbands themselves, in addition to the standard color. If you want to represent a team or school, segmented colors can create custom wristbands that are perfect for you. These bands feature two or more colors adjacent to each other, block-style.

Mixing colors is also possible. Swirled custom wristbands can add a whole new dimension to your wristbands by adding mixed colors similar to a tie-dyed effect.

With so many variations of custom wristbands available today, it’s easy to find a style, color and size to represent virtually any cause or organization you can imagine. Their popularity shows no signs of slowing down; ensuring custom wristbands will be useful awareness devices for many years to come.


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