Has Christian Bashing Become Fashionable?

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Has Christian Bashing Become Fashionable?  

Twenty-one Coptic Christians were killed and many other injured as Muslim extremist detonated a bomb outside a church as worshipers were leaving a New Years Day mass in Alexandria Egypt.    Fifty -eight people were killed at a Catholic Church in Baghdad last October by Islamist militants as part of a killing spree afflicting Christian churches and neighborhoods.   I have read how Muslims view Christians as unworthy and are seeking to rid those who practice this religion from their nations.

While these violent attacks against Christians are occurring in the Middle East, one would think citizens in the United States would be accepting of those of all faiths.   I believed this ideal until I saw a bumper sticker on a car in Woodbury, New Jersey.   The shocking words are listed below.

“Christians, you can’t live with them, you can’t feed them to the lions.”

I immediately questioned what the reaction would be if someone displayed a bumper sticker which had a derogatory statement people who are of the Jewish faith, Black or Hispanic.

I am sure there would be a public uproar.  

I searched the Internet and found several articles detailing instances of anti-Christen bias in the United States.

Gerald Marszalek, a long-time wrestling coach at Fordson High School in Dearborn Michigan, filed a federal lawsuit against the school and the principal in 2009 after he was denied an opportunity to renew his contract.   The lawsuit states, Imad Fadlallah, the school’s Muslim principle became angry when one of Marszalek’s assistant wrestling ran a wrestling camp where a Muslim student converted to Christainity.    

Fadlallah banned the assistant coach from the high school and any wrestling events.   Although the assistant’s son was a star wrestler on the school’s team, the principal ordered his name not to be announced at matches.   The entire family was barred from volunteering in the concession stands at wrestling matches.

The American Civil Liberty Union and American United for Separation of Church and State filed suit against Connecticut’s Enfield Public Schools because they had planned to hold their high school graduation ceremony in a Christian church.  This was in response to complaints filed by three students and two parents.  They stated the church contained three very large crosses that could not be covered for the graduation ceremony. A judge ruled against the school and the ceremony had to be moved. 

How can being exposed to a Christian symbol such as a cross hurt anyone? I have my chosen faith and am not offended by things such as the Star of David or other religious symbols.    Is the faith of the complaining students and parents so fragile that it can be broken by viewing a cross?  Or are they afraid of Christianity?   Would these same people attend a wedding being held in a church?  Do they really care about religious influence or did they just complain about the graduation ceremony to make trouble and get their names in the newspaper?

Julea Ward and Jennifer Keeton, practicing Christians, would not compromise their faith by accepting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle.  They were each expelled from their Master’s degree programs in counseling because of their actions.

Since when does not accepting homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle disqualify someone from being a good therapist?  There are so many aspects to being a good therapist that to exclude someone because of their beliefs on one specific topic is absolutely ludicrous

Journalist Larry Grard was fired from his job as a reporter for The Maine Sentinel for sending an email from his private account that expressed his support for traditional marriage. 

Do we have a right to free speech?   Mr. Grard sent an email from his personal account expressing his individual opinions on traditional marriage.   He was not doing so as a representative of the newspaper.   Was following a certain political agenda a requirement for Grard’s employment as a reporter?   Does being a reporter prohibit a person form having his own opinions or a personal life?

Ken Howell, a professor at the University of Illinois, was fired for teaching students in his Catholicism class about the Catholic belief that homosexuality is moral because it goes against natural law.   He was later got his job back after Christians protested his termination.  

The firing of Professor Howell was absurd.   If he was teaching a class on Catholicism, shouldn’t he include the beliefs of Catholics?    What would the university administration expect him to teach?   Should Howell have discussed the principles of Buddhism?   If students were offended by the belief that homosexuality goes against natural law, handle it in an adult manner and discuss their feelings.   Accept that there are viewpoints that may differ from your own.

At what point in our society did Christians and their beliefs become a target for scorn and disrespect?    Why do those who decry any sort of mockery of the Jewish or Muslin faiths remain silent when the jokes are about Christianity?    I read an article where the author compared the attitude towards Christians today with the treatment of Jews in Europe before the Second World War.   As Christians are murdered in other nations for practicing their faith, is a holocaust brewing in the United States?

I pray that Christianity regains the respect it once had in the United States.


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