The Curse of Eleanor

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I had read about curses and witches but I had never actually seen the results of a curse. Actually I didn’t really believe in curses until I became a member of a Christian Deliverance Group. There were only five people in this group of elders. I became the only woman and the newest member. I don’t exactly know how it all came to be and didn’t know why I was placed in this position. I do know God had been preparing me for something big for years. I just didn’t know what it was to be. I was a published author, writer and poet wanting desperately to find a good story to add to my repertoire. I had seen the movie “The Exorcist” and it seemed like one I would enjoy searching out to see if these things could actually happen. I was told there were these elders in the area who went all over the United States helping people who were possessed. This seemed like something I would need to get involved in if I were to see for myself the actual happening. With a great deal of doubt I proceeded to talk to these men asking if I could just sit in on some of their meetings to get material for a book. Sadly I was told that it was really too dangerous for me and that I would have to study for a while before they would consider me. With an armful of old dusty books I was sent home to prepare myself for the sit in. For months I read and studied. I could feel God was unveiling many things to me. My brain was about to explode with new knowledge. Two years passed and I decided to return the books once again asking if I could just watch them at their work. Much to my surprise they greeted me with love and acceptance. I’m sure they had checked me out from head to toe while I was turning the many pages of the old leather books. I watched and listen for months. My eyes and ears saw and heard but my mind simply could not grasp all that I saw. Spirits came and went. People were freed from all sorts of bondage’s. None however really got to me like the curse. A small dainty lady weighing probably eighty pounds came to the meeting one night. She was from Georgia but had married a man from Haiti who had worked on her families estate. She was so frail you could see her bones actually protruding just beneath the skin. Her face was powder white and her hands were as cold as ice. She began to reveal her story to us after telling us that she had search the world over for someone who could break a voodoo curse. No one was able to break the curse, thus her visit to us. The leader of the group Mr. Hamilton was an ole grandpa figure. He had the most loving eyes and his heart was as humble as anyone I had ever seen. I immediately became attached to him. I had not had a grandfather and he seemed like the perfect person to fit the empty spot in my life. He began to talk with Eleanor about her life from her earliest memory up to the present time. She was quite willing to share because she felt she would die soon if the curse was not broken. After several meetings, Eleanor was put thorough an exorcism and of course I watched every single movement in the small damp library. It appeared the man she married wanted only her wealth and once he had it, he no longer needed her. He had put a curse of starvation upon her thinking no one could ever break it and she would die. He would be freed from the marriage and be able to keep all the wealth he had obtained. No one would be the wiser! He did not know Mr. Hamilton or the men who gave their lives to help those in need. The prayers began! The little room was filled with song, words of praise, music and shouting. It grew louder as Eleanor sat in a wooden chair in the center of the room. They asked me to come and stand in front of her speaking to her hoping to gain her trust. She was very quiet at first but she did everything I ask her to do. Suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head and a deep scratchy voice spoke.” Get out of here! Get out of here! I cannot rest with you here! bellowed the deep raspy voice. My eyes were glued to her facial expressions. I could not believe it when her head turned all the way around and back. It was as if she had a neck that could rotate three hundred and sixty degrees. She began coughing and screaming so loud I actually thought my ears would burst. It was after midnight and all the cats outside were screaming as loud and the sounds inside the library. Would this ever end successfully I thought to myself? Eleanor was so very weak but at last the curse was broken by the power of God. His devoted servants had performed the exorcism and the curse was finally broken in the Name of Jesus. Eleanor lay on the sofa quiet and still. No one would ever believe me I thought. There was no need for me to talk about this for people would think I had lost my mind. Eleanor for the first time in weeks actually ate and drank freely. The crisis was over, praise God. Curses are very real. They happen to everyone and at any time. Many pagan religions practice voodoo and believe mightily in its power. The United States is not exempt from curses nor are its people. Had it not been for this group of elders who loved the Lord Jesus with all of their hearts, Eleanor would have died of starvation. God provides and He prepares His children for work to be done. Allow Him to prepare you for you never know when you will need all the wisdom of Solomon. I praise God for allowing me to be a small part and for using me for His glory. I pray more elders will be come forward in the United States and work for the Lord in this area. People do not talk about it much, but evil is still present today! Author, Sybil Shearin


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