A Wedding Prayer

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O God of Love, we humbly stand in Your presence on this solemn, but joyous occasion– and praise Your name for the event that has caused us here to gather.

In Your everlasting kindness You have ordained the union of a man and woman as a gift to Your children to answer our human needs and fulfill our deepest longings.  In unending love, You have established this bond as the foundation for human society and for our collective well-being.  In infinite wisdom and providence You selected the relationship of a husband and wife to illustrate the wonder and mystery of the union between our Lord Jesus Christ and the church, His Bride.

Through the mysteries of Your ways, we gather here with this man and woman, who come this day to receive Your blessing on their union.  We present them to Your loving care at this holy hour.

O Lord our God, as husband, this groom now assumes the mantle of head of this home.  Bless him in this responsibility.  Grant him Your wisdom and may Your word always be his guiding light.  Bless him with patience and kindness towards his new wife and family, and towards any others You might bring under their roof.  May his character reflect that longsuffering love displayed by our Savior.

As wife, this bride now assumes the activity of helpmate.  Bless her in this appointment.  May her grace and mercy reflect Your attributes of grace and mercy which result in our salvation.  Bless her with those qualities which will make their residence a home, and so design that home that it becomes a place of peace and joy for their family.  May her character mirror Your love for her.

Loving Father, as they begin their journey together, cause each always bear the other’s sorrows and celebrate each other’s joys.  Cause them to forgive the other’s failures and honor each other’s successes.  Now Lord, make such appointments on this union as will bless them and cultivate their character.   We pray not that You keep them from the rain, but to provide shelter in the storm…. not that there be no disappointments, but that such times draw them close to You… not that there be no pain, but that they receive from You sufficient victory to assure them of Your love and their place in Your hand. 

Grant, heavenly Father, that this couple might seek first Your Kingdom and Your righteousness, and search out Your guidance for their daily path.  May they increase in their love and faithfulness to You; for in loving You they will love each other the more, and being faithful unto You, faithful to each other they will remain.   May Your word ever be light for their path and may they submit themselves each day to You.

And Gracious Father, as Your blessing rests upon this couple on this their wedding day, may Your blessing also fall upon each union represented among we who have gathered.  This we ask through the name of Jesus Christ, that great Lover of our Souls.


© Copyright 2003 by Timothy R. Wise.  All rights reserved.


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