Health Converter: A Niche Affiliate Marketing Network

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Quickly becoming one of the most popular industries within the marketing field, affiliate marketing has taken the Internet by storm. Promotions for products of every kind can be seen on web pages across the World Wide Web and affiliate marketing strategies have generated countless dollars in revenue since their implementation. Now, Health Converter is taking the affiliate marketing tactics one step further by tailoring them to meet the needs of two specific industries: health and beauty. As a niche affiliate marketing network, has been highly successful at providing high converting brands for affiliates, who in turn have achieved high volumes of sales. By choosing two industries with some of the largest profit margins in the world, Health Converter has been able to provide ample remuneration to its affiliates and unprecedented amounts of sales to its merchants. Through its unique business model, Health Converter has created a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

But how does affiliate marketing work? Affiliate networks, like, provide information concerning certain products to affiliates. The affiliates then post promotions, or advertisements, for these products on their websites. Affiliates with Health Converter are allowed to post as many banners and other promotional tools as they like and are encouraged to utilize their resources to achieve the highest number of conversions possible. When a consumer clicks on a promotion and buys the product, everyone receives a set percentage of the sale. Because Health Converter deals exclusively with products that have large profit margins, each sale results in a good amount of money for the affiliates.

In addition to providing the biggest payouts, Health Converter also provides a rewards system for all of its affiliates who achieve five thousand dollars or more in sales per month. This gives affiliates a great source of motivation, as the rewards are often cash (depending upon the amount generated in revenue). These kinds of programs are the things that make Health Converter stand apart from its competition. The attention to detail and close relationships that prides itself on has helped develop a company that is both exclusive and highly successful.

Working with is as easy as filling out an enrollment form at Affiliates receive great payouts which are delivered promptly through the mail, directly into a bank account, or through a secure PayPal account. With so many great things coming from this niche company, why partner with any other affiliate marketing network?


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