The Earthly Elements of Building a Business

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Earth, Fire, Water and Air, as classical elements have long been analogous principles for personal strength, ambition, determination. These principles when applied to a business plan or strategy, grounded in an exceptional product or extraordinary service and accountable advertising, unites your personal and professional objectives in success.

“The Wise Man Built his House Upon a Rock” and Businesses are built “From the Ground Up”. Robert Taylor says that “Like – streams and rivers, we encounter, smooth down and over come obstacles and challenges.” Published entrepreneurs state that building a business is akin to building a fire, and “The first step of building a great fire is to gather kindling and newspaper to gently feed the fire when it is first ignited. The small branches and twigs provide the fuel necessary to build a fire, without smothering the flames.” The Better Business Bureau encourages consumers and entrepreneurs to seek “Fair Winds” and warns against “Hot Air”.

Which ads are kindling the consumer’s fire? Unwatched, unread or unheard advertising dollars may as well be used for building a fire, balled up and thrown beneath a log. Where are the ads sparking intrigue, igniting the interest of potential customers, clientele or investors?

Advertising without accountability smother businesses with costly marketing costs and weakens business owners. These and other obstacles become increasingly harder to overcome. Without knowing which advertising campaigns are effective. it’s easy to waste time, money and efforts repeating that which does not work.

Accountability is vital and attainable. Identifying how your clientele is generated is crucial to the fiery element of success. The hotter your fire, the easier it is stoked and the harder it is to put out.

Consider taking the fire building pressure off your employees, by intrusting ACI Call Tracking to assign you business’s ad its own unique phone number, the efficiency or productivity of the ad or marketing campaign can be assessed simply as each call is traced, tracked and recorded. All of the information, along with the recorded calls can be viewed by logging onto your ACI Call Tracking online account. ACI Call Tracking measures the ad responses, compares the results and reveals your cost-per-lead for each ad campaign.

Knowledge engenders confidence and confidence strengthens the tributary, and as a river, the rockiest obstacles are smoothed down and even the worst economy is overcome.

“Absence weakens mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind blows out candles and kindles fires.”

ACI Call Tracking offers call recording, call tracking, web analytics as well as live chat support for your business. Why throw money away on advertising that is not working. Let us help you see where your advertising dollars are going and if the investment is worth the cost. Visit our website at


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