The Rise And Fall of Keane

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Last year, my friend showed me a band called Keane. The first album that I heard from them was their debut, Hopes and Fears. I listened through the entire thing, just like my friend told me to do. To be honest, I thought that this album was the greatest piece of musical creation ever (this is when I had no idea that bands like Pink Floyd or Yes even existed). I have been addicted to each song on their album, and within days, each of the songs on this album became the most played songs on my ipod, and this was because of their catchy tunes, overly romantic lyrics, and their instrumentation. Hopes and Fears soon became my obsession, and I knew that Keane was the best band that I have listened to, and I was amazed that three people could create something like Hopes and Fears.

Later, I was able to listen through their second album, Under The Iron Sea. This album also fascinated me, but I also realized that even after multiple listens, this album did not captivate me as much as Hopes and Fears did. I felt like this album was much more electronic, and it struck me that Keane didn’t work as hard on this album. But I didn’t take this thought seriously and I kept this album on my ipod. The thing that really made me concerned about the quality Keane’s music was their third album, Perfect Symmetry. After many listens, I still didn’t like the album. It was too electronic, too poppy, and too basic. That’s when it hit me that Keane was becoming consumed by money, and they were trying to produce songs with a mainstream sound to try to make an extra buck. This is what made me remove each Keane album from my ipod except for Hopes and Fears, because I still liked that album and do to this very day, and it sounds very different (in a positive way) from each of their other albums.

Keane soon released a new EP, Night Train. Even after reading many negative reviews on itunes, I still tried to give the album a chance. My friend and I pitched in money to collectively buy the album. Within days, we both agreed that this album was probably the worst that they have produced. He still liked some songs off of it, but I didn’t like any of them at all. From this, I knew that Keane had sunk to a lower level then I had ever thought possible. Money seems to overpower the will to create honest music, like the music Keane created with their first album. Keane eventually made computer generated music instead of music created by musical talent. This band is a great example of how fame and fortune can change people, their ways, and how they create music. However, their beginnings were humble, and their played amazing music for a substantial amount of time. So if you are thinking about buying a Keane album, seriously consider Hopes and Fears, and listen to their other albums too. If you do, you’ll see what I mean when I say that Keane has “changed.”


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