How to Effectively Manage Your Rented Referrals at Neobux

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Some members complain about the low earnings they get from rented referrals at Neobux. Some say that the click rate is too low. Others say they ended up losing.

Well, I’d say they just fail to manage their rented referrals.

First, you need to know the breakeven point in your investment. As a standard member, you only need an average of 1.5 click rate from a rented referral or a total of 45 clicks in 30 days to avoid a loss and still earn $0.005. For members with a Golden Membership, it’s  0.7 click rate or total of 21 clicks for the 30-day rent to avoid a loss and still earn $0.01.

Now, here are the best practices to follow in order to Effectively Manage your Rented Referrals:

  1. Avoid recycling referrals too often. This is the main reason why most members end up losing. Remember, an instance of recycling a referral costs $0.007. There’s a rule in doing that. It will be shown in the following tips.

  2. When you rent new referrals  do not expect them to immediately click in the next day or two.  Allow 7 days for a new referral to click. In the event that the rented referral fails to do so, then, by all means recycle. For golden members, just wait for Neobux to replace them after 14 days of inactivity.

  3. For a current referral that has been inactive for a few days, if the referral is below the breakeven point, then recycle after 4 days of inactivity. If not then, just wait till they start clicking again or wait till they go below the breakeven point before recycling.

  4. Always extend a referral (at least for a minimum of 30 days). Do not let them expire.  Why? Because you pay for a fee when a referral expires. Another reason is that you get a discount for extending a referral. Even if on the last day, a current referral has a click rate of below the breakeven point, extend that referral still, then follow Tip #3.

  5. Enable autopay. The rental fee is much cheaper compared to a 5% discounted 30-day extension.

  6. For a standard member, upgrade your account when you’re able to because you can easily double the current earnings you’re receiving plus you can rent up to 2000 referrals.


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