The Eu's Environmental Policy

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The EU’s Environmental Policy, as well as global effects of the environment is not only a regional area to be, as well as the future of our humanity and the world very closely, are of special importance because of interest. EU, with the most detailed and managing the inspection one of the most difficult policy with environmental policy, environmental protection, arms, and increases the quality of human health protection, natural resources and rational careful use and related to both regional and global environmental problems as measures are aimed at the international level.

The goal of EU membership, the EU member states in accordance with the progress in this process in all areas of economic and social life just as before. Also rooted in environmental issues and concrete reform aims to comply with the European Union. In this direction have been made related to the environment and to implement various regulations have been passed. Since the environmental legislation is comprehensive and very detailed, in EU member countries today and not only future generations of people of interest as well, the integration of EU member countries are among the factors that affect their operation. Therefore, in these countries the fields of environment-related sectors have not only individual in this field for all individuals in the EU practices and policies must be closely monitored. On the other hand, these countries, the EU’s most costly and one of the largest comprehensive policies to adapt to environmental policy, while the EU’s technical and financial support of this country must.

This study prepared short and clearly to be understand of all aspects of the European Union’s environmental policy. In our study, the structure of the European Union’s environmental policy, operation, results, applications and future goals are described.

Why EU has developed an environmental policy? European integration is accepted as one of the basic elements of the free competition and ensures freedom of movement, the environment and in the joint venture partners have made it a mandatory policy. 

 A common environmental policy to be created that caused a more significant developments in member countries has been accessed the quality of life further up natural living conditions in a healthy way to continue and development is necessary to understand. Member countries of the whole society with better quality and prosperous life to ensure that a project of European integration, the healthy human life in a format and quality continue to increase in importance with priority environmental and natural resource conservation areas remain unthinkable foreign to the course.

European Union’s another reason for developing environmental policy is political. Part of the same economic level in the country due to differences in environmental policy, in different ways and levels of living conditions in member countries have, in political ways, the case was evaluated as not desirable.

Common Agricultural Policy, the European Union is the oldest and most comprehensive policies. EU’s underlying 1957 Rome Agreement’s 33th substance, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was formed.


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