Joan of Arc Biography by Mark Twain Online

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Worlds largest Joan of Arc website announces the availability online of the complete biography Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by legendary author Mark Twain in an easy to read to read HTML format . Written as a fictional account of Joan of Arc’s life this retelling of Joan’s history has become a public favorite because of its historical accuracy combined with Twain’s exceptional storytelling ability.  The complete book is available online at divided into individual chapters at:

As author Ben D. Kennedy of explains:  “Mark Twain’s biography about Joan of Arc is probably the best fictional account that has been written or ever will be written about Joan.  Twain himself considered it to be his finest work.  The online availability means that virtually anyone anywhere can read this great book for free whenever they desire.”

In addition to providing the full text of Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc online also contains a special page about Mark Twain explaining his interest in Joan of Arc. Most people are surprised to learn how Twain possessed a lifetime admiration for Joan of Arc and spent over a decade researching her life in preparation for writing his biography about her.  Twain, in an essay he wrote about Joan, said that “she is easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced.”  This essay as well as a variety of other interesting resources about Twain and Joan of Arc are available at:


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