UK Probate Properties

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Empty Property Could be seized by Government!

Owners of Property, or Estates that are currently caught in a lengthy Probate process that remain empty for more than 6 months, could have their empty Properties seized by local authorities in an attempt to quell the growing housing shortage in the UK.

There are currently around 689,000 empty homes in England. The majority of these properties are in areas of housing need. 85% of this property is privately owned and over 300,000 homes have been empty for more than six months.

Although, the law has been passed by the Government to seize empty property, they say it is with the express purpose of bringing properties back into service and would only extend Management Control to local authorities, not Compulsory Purchase Orders. Although, there is case history showing these purchase orders have and do take place.

EDMO’s, or Empty Home Dwelling Order’s as they are known, look like they are here to stay and with the mounting pressure the Government is placing upon local authorities, could spell bad news for a great many unsuspecting homeowners.

UK Probate Properties are likely to be most at risk here, either where heirs to estates are unable to agree upon the distribution of assets, or there are complex circumstances preventing estates from being settled.

Either way, this is a worrying trend for families who inherit property and do not have the time to deal with the properties they have been given and worse still they could be forced to sell, or allow the property to be used for council residents.


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