The Woman Behind Hickory Squirrel

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You know me Iam always looking for something new and interesting to write about and yesterday I decided that a woman that is part of my family would be an interesting subject. I have known her since she was just a young girl and has always been an important part of our family unit. Her name is Jodi Farnsworth and she is now an adult with a family of her own. Ever since I first met her she has always been interested in nature and the beauty of everything it offers but very few ever see. Her dad is a rock hound and has mined for many years, so Jodi learned early on
the value of a crystle that was dug up from the earth. Its beauty with each point and the color of each stone, with each one being beautiful in its own way. Jodi also learned the meaning of digging in the dirt to plant a seed to ensure crop growth for the upcoming winter to fill her tummy when the cold New England winter set in, everything that surrounded her had value and she somehow captured all of its beauty.

Jodi also is part Native American and has made the pilgrimage to Sun Dance when she was only in her teens to grow closer to her roots and to understand her back ground better. Taking part in the tribal ceremonies and experiancing things she never had before. She was always facinated with anything that came from nature, always seeing something beautiful in every gift that she encounters from mother nature. Jodi is also an animal lover and will go to the ends of the earth to save a creature big or small that needs tending to or mending.

While she lived with my family in her younger years this came through from saving a pigeon that she found with a broken wing. She nutured this small bird and although it was never able to fly she protected it and kept it safe for many years. She did this with many small animals that were in need of help and as I witnessed she never gave up when most would. She just seemed to have a connection with not only nature but the creatures that also
lived within it.

As an adult Jodi now has her own family to pass down her values to. In her quest she started her own business making interesting and very very unique jewelry. After she realized how special her pieces were Hickory Squirrel Jewelry was born. All of her pieces are hand made and from the nuts that squirrels have taken a bite or two out of. On her farm in Northern Vermont where she resides instead of raking the nuts to use for conpost or to just throw away, she saw beauty in each small shell. The remnants from the small creatures that use the nuts as food she decided that the left overs had a purpose and would look very nice as earrings or necklaces.

Earthy and wild, hand picked and unique, she collects each small shell and decides how it would look best and from her artistic side assembles the tiny shells and crystals into a beautiful one of a kind piece. Jodi uses many mediums  from gold, silver and copper and also the vines of grapes that also pocess that wonderful earthiness.

There are many varieties to choose from and the prices are not bad either. Her pieces are beautiful and make wonderful gifts for that person who has everything and for those who are into things that are unique and one of a kind. All of her pieces really do go with anything worn because of the colors used that are so natural.

So thats it in a nutshell, hahaha…you not only have been introduced to a new website and new jewelry, but also the wonderful woman behind the scenes that with each pieace she makes sees value and goodness from mother nature. Wont you stop by and say hello?



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