Mexican Car Insurance In Mexico

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I just wanted to let everybody know a little bit about why they need Mexican car insurance. The other day someone was in my office talking about the wonderful time that they had while in Mexico. Bob said that he had driven his own vehicle down to Juarez, and had really enjoyed himself while there. I asked Bob if he had purchased Mexican car insurance for his trip, and he said that he didn’t need to because he was only traveling a short distance into Mexico and his United States policy would cover him for the duration of his stay.

My reply to Bob was that yes his United States carrier would cover any accident that occurred within twenty-five miles of the Border, but that was not considered insurance coverage in Mexico. He suddenly go this very confused look on his face, and asked “if I have insurance, and it will cover the accident, then why isn’t it any good in Mexico?” Now, that is a very good question, and I am glad that Bob asked it so that I can relay the answer on to everybody else.

Allow me to answer this question with a question. If a police officer in the United States pulls someone over for speeding, and they provide evidence of insurance from Mexico, should the police officer accept it as valid in the United States? Because that piece of paper was printed in Mexico it will most likely be printed in Spanish, does the police officer speak Spanish? The answer: I don’t know. According to the terms and conditions of the contract, is there a limited geographical area to which the insurance applies? The answer: I don’t know. That means that the police officer doesn’t really know if there is insurance coverage, and that is after assuming that he knows how to read Spanish. Mexican insurance is not considered valid in the United States, and insurance in the United States is not considered valid in Mexico, even if it really is valid.

Valid evidence of financial responsibility is only available through a Mexican insurer. Furthermore, failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility in Mexico is considered a felony, not a misdemeanor, and that mean that you will go to jail. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to spend my vacation sitting in a Mexican jail.

Mexican car insurance is not very expensive, and if you plan to travel very often to Mexico it can be made even less expensive by purchasing insurance coverage for up to a year at a time. It just makes sense to obey the local laws and to respect the country that you are visiting, and a big part of that is the purchase of Mexican car insurance.

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