How to Prepare For Marriage

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Do you want to put the work in that marriage takes? Marriage is a living organism and if it’s not fed the marriage dies. Do you deprive yourself from food when you are hungry? I didn’t think so; well marriage is the same thing.

Detox yourself of any old relationship. Still stuck on an old girlfriend/boyfriend? How do you know that you are over them? Do you get some warm feelings about that person when you get around them? Well you are not over that person. Don’t try to marry until you are completely healed of past relationships. You don’t want that ghost of girlfriend/boyfriend past to hunt your new marriage.

Get out of debt. When you marry, her debt becomes your debt either good or bad. Why make your new spouse pay for stuff that you bought for an old boyfriend years ago that you have not paid off? She/he doesn’t benefit from old debt of yours but guess who has to pay off the debt? Your new spouse.

Learn how to give of yourself. Many of us get married with a single mindset but when married, you have to think of your spouse best interests. Want to know what helps makes a marriage works? When you submit to what your spouse need and you do those things for them. When we both focus on the other person, then we both win because both of us are happy.


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